Las Vegas Encore’s Swiss Bircher Museli

I have not been able to cook lately since my husband and I were in Las Vegas for our one year anniversary, but I thought I would share with you the wonderful breakfast I had at the Encore @ the Wynn on the last morning of our stay. I ordered Swiss Bircher Museli from room service and it was amazing! I do not have the recipe, but I know it contains rolled oats, raisins, apples, sweetened condensed milk, a yogurt/whipped topping, berries, sliced oranges, and powdered sugar dusted on top. I better have liked my breakfast, seeing that it cost me $18 ($10 + $5 to bring it to the room + 18% tip)! Yikes…I assure you that doesn’t happen very often 🙂

If anyone can find this recipe, let me know because I would love to make it!

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