Dallas Duo in Telluride

The “uno” in Dallas Duo is not in Dallas anymore! For Christmas, Matt’s aunt and uncle rented a gorgeous house in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado for our entire family of 26 people! The house is made of nothing but logs and dark stone, and is extremely warm and comortable.  It is a cold 24 degree outside, and ten times better than being in Texas! 

This week I won’t be baking. Instead Chef John, a chef who has cooked for families in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Colorado, will be designing and preparing our meals. Last night, he made a delicious dinner, consisting of stuffed pork loin, sour cream & horseradish mashed potaotes, and a mixed green salad with chopped red onions, carrots and bell peppers, combined in a Italian dressing.  For dessert we had a delectable southern peach cobbler.

I took a picture of the meal with my camera, but won’t be able to upload it until I return to Dallas. Stay tuned, more pictures and 5-star meals to come from Telluride!

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