Telluride Day 3

In this photo: the back of Castlewood Manor
Today started out as a very overcast day. You won’t believe how much the sun impacts the weather out here. Since it was cloudy, it felt about 20 degrees cooler than yesterday and my hands just about froze! After only one ski run, I had to go purchase some hand warmers, as did my cousins Merritt and Sayer. Hand warmers are an amazing invention. Made out of sawdust and sand-looking particles, simply shake it, and it gets warm. The only problem was that my fingers were frozen, not the palms of my hands. Someone needs to invent full glove-warmers! Nevertheless, the handwarmers were a huge help in yesterday’s cold weather. I’m not sure why my hands get so cold…but it was miserable!
After a few more ski runs, we stopped for lunch at Bar M at the Hotel Madeline for lunch. For appetizers we ordered 1 to 2-inch thick onions rings and chips & pumpkin-ricotta cheese dip (sound bad, but was very delicious).  For lunch I had a veggie wrap and mixed green salad, which was very good. The others ordered hamburgers, lamb burgers, and veggie burgers…all which were about an inch and a half thick!
In this photo: from the left: me, Merritt, Uncle Dale, and Sayer

After a full day of skiing, we arrived back at the house to relax. In addition to Chef John, Executive Chef Andie was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Chef Andie has had 30 years experience in the culinary field and has cooked for families across the U.S. including the Hamptons, New York City, Dallas, and here in Telluride. She used to work in the Westin Galleria Dallas, as well as the Hilton Anatole. She has met Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa), cooked for Jessica Simpson, and prepared meals for politcal campaign events and more.

Tonight’s meal consisted of creamed spinach, sauteed carrots, oven-roasted potatoes, mixed green salad, and roasted chicken. For dessert we had berry cobbler and some type of spice cake. My favorite part was the roasted chicken. Not only was it impressive-looking, it was extremely moist, delicous, and flavorful.

In this photo: Oven-roasted chicken
 In this photo: Creamed spinach, eventually topped with bacon bits and Parmesan cheese 
In this photo: Sauteed carrots. The ingredients include baby carrots, brown sugar, tarragon, cinnamon, and a can of beer.

                                                     In this photo: my dinner plate! Sorry the photo is a little dark.

After dinner, we relaxed by the fire and sat next to the pretty Christmas tree. Since the tree is so tall, fishing wire was used to help hold it steady. It is also real! Our tree at home is fake, so I enjoyed the smell and look of a truly authentic Christmas tree. An end to another perfect day in the mountains of Telluride. 

In this photo: Aunt Gaytha and Betty relax by the Christmas tree.

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