Telluride Day 6

In this photo: the town of Telluride…it was 12 degrees outside and snowing!

As I am writing this, it is actually “Day 1” back in good ole Dallas, Texas,  but I’m going to continue writing about our adventures of day 6 in Telluride, Colorado….just pretend I’m still there!

Today was the first day I did NOT ski. It is pretty exhausting skiing 4 days in a row, plus with yesterday’s battle with the cold, I figured today would be even worse since there was no sun! 

We had a leisurely morning, and after lunch, my sister-in-law Leah, her husband Jeffery, and I went to the town of Telluride (we are staying in Mountain Village, which is about a 20 minute gondola ride to town).  Telluride is a former silver mining camp in San Miguel county in the Southwestern portion of Colorado.  Telluride Historic District, which includes a significant portion of the town, is listed as one of Colorado’s 20 National Historical Landmarks, and is on the National Register of Historic Places list.
The shops were all local….there are no Starbucks, McDonalds, or any familiar shop you would recognize. There was a cute little shop that I could have broke the bank on called “Two Skirts”. They had nothing but cute sweaters, skinny jeans, accessories and more…it reminded me of Neimans!!!  I’d like to tell you other places we shopped, but if I did that…those people I shopped for would know their Christmas presents! Haha.
In this photo: Leah and I shopping in Telluride…standing in front of the New Sheridan Hotel – the steak restaurant we ate at two nights ago.

When we returned, it was nearly time for dinner. Paula made a wonderful chicken spaghetti casserole and I made Triple Orange Ambrosial Salad (without the ambrosial part). We had a flavorful mixed green salad, prepared by my cousin Sayer, garlic bread, and leftover Christmas dinner, including desserts, from the night before. Everything was delicious!
After dinner we sat by the fire, enjoyed the house, and enjoyed being with family on the last night before heading back to Texas. I was definitely NOT ready to come home!

In this photo: Paula’s chicken spaghetti

In this photo: mixed green salad

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