GIANT Gingerbread House


Does anyone remember the “good ‘ole days” of decorating gingerbread houses at school?  Almost every year (Kinder through fifth grade) we would decorate gingerbread houses as part of our Christmas party. (Yes, they called it a “Christmas” party back in the 1990s, AND we had a pretty Christmas tree in the front lobby of our school, a public school that is. Too bad times have changed. Most schools are not allowed to put up trees or anything Christmas-related. 🙁

As kids, we were given a gingerbread house that was already constructed. The fun part was decorating it by icing the roof with white frosting, adding the decorative candy (M&Ms, peppermints, candy canes, jelly beans, twizzlers), and adding the snow made out of cotton balls. Great times…. 
The gingerbread house you see in this post is a step above my little amateur gingerbread house. The house is currently being showcased in the lobby of the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan, the hotel my parents stayed at over Thanksgiving break when they visited Brittany and Colby. 
Impressed yet? I bet you could make the same one! The recipe is included!!! All you need are 220 cups of sugar, 300 pounds of gingerbread mix, 110 cups of powdered sugar, 90 gallons of water, 240 eggs, 270 pounds of holiday candy, and 104 whirley pops. You got that? Oh, did I mention 580 HOURS of tender loving care? Haha. 🙂
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

My sister Brittany and her husband Colby.
Close up of the Gingerbread house.
Another view of the house.
Reindeer in the front!
the recipe….

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