Telluride Day 5

 In this photo: Rusty, Jeffery, Matt, me, Drew, Renee, Sayer, Merritt, Dale
Today was another gorgeous day of skiing. It was sunny, clear and cold!!! Today was the first day my feet froze, in addition to my fingers! On the last run before lunch, we went to the top of the Telluride Mountain and skiied down “See Forever”. About halfway down, I literally broke down and started crying because I was soooo cold! I think this has happend to me everytime I have skiied. It doesn’t matter how many liners and hand warmers I have, I still get cold!
Other than freezing, it was a great day for skiing. My favorite run of the day was “Ute Park”, where we did some mini ski jumps. It was fun, and Aunt Renee got all of us on video. Each ski jump got progressively harder, and by the last jump, you were flying through the air! On my last jump I probably flew about 2 feet in the air, and despite almost wiping out in the end, I stuck the landing….my former gymnastics skills prevailed!
In this photo: Matt and I 

For lunch we ate a Southwestern-style bistro called 9545 Restaurant. It was actually my favorite meal on the trip. My Uncle Dale strongly recommended the Posole, and he was right…it was awesome! Posole is a traditional Pre-Columbian soup of stew from Mexico. It has is made from a nixtamalized cachuazintle corn (hominy), meat (usually pork), chili peppers, and other seasonings and garnish. Again, it was my absolute favorite meal on the trip, and I plan on making a homemade recipe when I return to Dallas.

In this photo: Posole soup…half eaten!
After a few more ski runs, I finished my last day of skiing in Telluride. I had a blast, and am happy to say there were no broken bones on this trip!
At the house, all of the ladies gathered in the kitchen to make Christmas dinner. We had spiraled ham, roasted turkey, corn casserole, stuffing, and sweet potato casserole with brown sugar and pecans…yum! We also had more mashed potatoes than 26 people could eat, dinner rolls, Easy Mac, coleslaw, and cranberry relish. The desserts were something to talk about. Paula made her classic cold banana pudding, I made my Aunt Jolene’s chocolate ice box pie, and Aunt Gaytha made pumpkin pie… all topped with a dollop of Cool Whip.
Aunt Renee also brought Christmas napkins, nutcrackers, and party poppers to decorate the dining room and kitchen table with. It was so festive and gorgeous! The party poppers had two jokes, a trivia question, and a little charm inside.
 In this photo: the dining room is set for Christmas dinner

In this photo: the kitchen table all ready for our Christmas dinner
In this photo: spiral ham and roasted turkey breast
 In this photo: cranberry sauce, corn casserole, sweet potatoe casserole, stuffing, and macaroni & cheese. 
In this photo: two chocolate ice box pies, two pumpkin pies, and Paula’s cold banana pudding for dessert.
In this photo: Paula’s cold banana pudding.
Dinner was so good, that I am not even craving my family’s annual Christmas meal on Christmas Day. No one went hungry on this trip to Colorado! I’m ready to eat smoothies and yogurt I’m so full!  

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